The tenugui, literally "cloth to wipe ones hands," has been used for hundreds of years in Japan. Within the standard rectangular shape, a myriad of designs unfold through a unique dyeing technique: traditional or classic patterns, modern and original patterns, corporate logos, regional designs... While being the essence of practicality, the tenugui is also a work of art.

Tenugui Rin-Rin strives to bring you a high quality product, in fabric, printing and dyeing, as well as original designs. Patterns are applied using the traditional Japanese method called "chusen" in which rice and seaweed paste is applied to the cloth over a pattern. Then, a dye is poured over the fabric, coloring the areas where the paste is not applied. Because each tenugui is made by hand, no two are alike. The small imperfections are part of the beauty of the tenugui and carry with them the soul of the artisan.


Before use, hand wash using plenty of water.


Do not use detergents or hot water. Wash individually and air dry immediately. By doing so, the dyes will settle into the tenugui nicely, the fabric will become softer and your tenugui will age beautifully.


The tenugui is unhemmed. This is so that it dries faster, therefore assuring better hygiene. The fraying will stop after several washings so you can use it as is.


As a hand towel

By carrying your tenugui with you at all times, you can reduce paper towel and electric hand dryer use. It's good for the environment and good for you! You can even use it as a substitute for a bath towel, if necessary -- just wring out more often. You will find the tenugui highly absorbent and yet it dries quickly, making it the perfect travel item.

As a scarf

Tenugui Rin-Rin's tenugui is slightly longer than most, at 100cm, making it perfect for use as a head scarf or wrap...even a belt!

As wrapping material

The tenugui is a perfect wrapper. Use in place of boxes and wrapping paper. Wrap gifts, add flair to household items ... be imaginative!

As a wall hanging

Put in a frame and hang as art or use as a screen. There are many ways to decorate your home with a tenugui.

In the kitchen

Use your tenugui as a kitchen towel, place setting, or napkin. It can also so used to cover food.

As a gift

The tenugui has always been a gift item in Japan. Because of its utilitarian beauty and Japanese aesthetics, it is a wonderful souvenir.